Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dragon Ball The Movie

Yup! that's right. Dragon Ball the movie: Evolution, an adaption movie based on the fomous Dragon Ball comics and anime series will be premiering in US this coming April 8th. It's a long waited movie and 20th Century Fox finally made it happens.

As an adaptation movie, you can't expect that the story will be similar like in the comics and anime series. Surprisingly enough, according to the site, Goku is a high scholl student! - what a bummer.

The story will be based on the earlier series of the Dragon Ball comic where Goku live with Gohan (the granpa, not the son eh), meet Master Roshi (Datuk Kame), meet Bulma, and their quest to find Dragon ball to fight Piccolo.

Some characters' personality also changed to suite the story line of the adaptation movie. Kurilin (kurin) - Goku best pall in the comic and anime will not be in the movie (maybe due to difficulties to find 3 foots tall, bald actor that can Martial arts well).

Who else in the movie? - Chi Chi, Grandpa Gohan, Yamcha, Bulma, Roshi, Piccolo, Mai (which in this adaptation will be very tallented, sexy and an assistant to piccolo whereas in the comic she is nothing), sifu Norris (who the heck is sifu Norris??)

personally, when I was told about the airing of this Dragon Ball movie, I was very excited, but when I read through the site looking for the info about the movie, I'm now worry either the movie can fullfill high ecpectation from billions of Dragon Ball's fans around the world or not. Let us wait and see (or watch the movie or download the movie...hehehe)

p/s: wonder Goku will have his tail or not??

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