Saturday, November 29, 2008


Pictures tell thousand words

How did it happened? My guesses are:

1. Entering pot hole in high speed.
2. Driving too fast on Kerteh - Paka unfinished road.

The key words are "high Speed"

There goes RM100 for 'new' second hand rim.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why Did The Chickens Crossed The Road?

After 5 years working with my fellow office mate, I assume that I can guess what would be their answer for the question “ Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Here are my guess;

“(Blur…) The chicken can cross the road eh? I think they want to go from classified area to unclassified area. Class Doh.. Tapi gak low class la…errrr… when they arrived at the other side, they TRIP ke they STOP?” – Electrical engineer

“Rimau Akar sungguh ayam2 tu… berghaaaani dia cross the road tok bagitau aku… Malas doh aku nok layang puok2 tu pahni” –Technologist

“Ayam-ayam tu Boddho…. Diaorg buat decision ikut spekulasi, dia tak kaji fundamental of the business of crossing the road” – HR electrical Manager

“Kawe tahu lamo doh ayam tu lintas jln.. kawe royak ke demo soghe jah nih” – contract technicians

“Geli aku nok makan ayam tu…” –Technicians

“The chicks crossed the road AS OF to have a greener field, so that AS OF they can have the answer when asked by the management” – Improvement manager

“errr…The chicks married or not?” – electrical production engineer

“The chicken crossed the road? Diaorg Takdak kerja ka? Yang hangpa dok Tanya ni, hangpa tak dak keja ka?” – People Leader

“The chicks… zzzzzz…..” – GU Engineer

“To question your answer, this is going to take just a while…bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla (after half an hour), so that the reason why we did that“ - Coach

Jangan Marah naaaa......