Saturday, March 28, 2009

Adusss Kereta

Mitsubishi Evolution 10. SR186K
Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 GT. SR79K
Dodge Charger R/T 5.7l Hemi Engine. SR146K
Dodge Charger 3.5l. SR81-91K
Dan ni kereta sewa kami. SR125/day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ma' Daerah Turtle Sanctuary

For those who don't know, let me tell you that Kerteh has it's own Turtle Sanctuary - located at Kg. Labohan - and the name is Ma' Derah Turtle Sanctuary. The sanctuary is now co-managed by 3 parties namely The Main Sponsor- BP, The Good Fellow - WWF and The Bad Guy- Fisheries department. This site saw hundreds of turle landing each year mainly from Agar Species (Green Turtle).

Initially, there was only 1 building erected to the North of Ma' Daerah's Beach for the conservation effort, then DOW Chemicals sponsored 2 longhouse to be used as a hostel for volunteers to spend their time doing conservation activities at the same location. At that time, the buildings were powered by BP/ Nokia sponsored solar panel system. Then more and more building (more like a hut) being build and the newest (if I'm not mistaken) another long house was build at the same area. Starting 2007, all the buildings are powered by the electricity grid.

Usually this time around (end March - early April), the sanctuary will organize it's yearly Beach Cleanup GoRo. For me this is one of the most awaited entry in my yearly calender. This GoRo marks the opening of the year's nesting season. Villagers and organisations around Kerteh will be invited to join this Beach Cleanup program. The common participants are from Petronas UPUs at KIPC, BP staff (even from KL office), OPTIMAL, Residence Hotel, Awana Kijal Hotel, Kemaman Municipal, Local Schools, Student from Kusza, KUSTEM, etc and even the Khidmat Negara students.

The GORO will start early in the morning so that the participant will not be burn under the hot morning sun (remeber that this part of peninsular Malaysia, we experience sunrise at the beach - make me wonder why they do not organize the GoRo after Asar). The 1.7KM long beach will be devided into several section. During registration, the volunteer will be divided according to this section of the beach. The committee will provide all the neccessary tools and PPEs (yes, PPE - gloves, hand towels, and a cap) and some refreshment for all volunteers. I usually choose the furtest section so that I can take a ride behind a lorry - :)

By noon when everybody are tired,sweat all over the body under the hot sun, the activity will end. By this time most of us would regret coming to this GoRO, but history proved that most will return to the next year GoRo.

This year I can't joint the GoRo... Informed that there is no news yet about the GoRo? What had happens?? Come-on guys, the turtles are due to lay their eggs... we need to act fast!

Here are some pictures taken during last GoRo I joined.. and a picture of the sanctuary courtesy of google image.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Takkan Terpisah

At my previous company, in Maintenance Department there are 3 guys responsible for Electrical - Me, Hanafi and Maulana.

I love working with them due to the difference approaches and stails when dealing with problems. It is sad to be depart with them, but at least in my new company, I can still feel the present of them (although only in names)

Will upload his picture when he arrive here.

On More thing is that today when I register action item for my team, I realised that I'm working closely with SS... although this time it is not Schazeril Shamsuddin, but still SS...

What a coincident...

p/s: I know you guys don't want to let me go - U jump I jump eh??... hehehe


Friday, March 13, 2009

Keluh Kesah.... (bukan bersama Kak Esah tau)

Berikut adalah petikan e-mail dari sahabat di Malaysia...
"Dlm communication session baru nie… HR manager cakap kalau (NAMA COMPANY) wat naik gaji (cth Technical allowance) nanti middle east counter balik.. jadi macam no point ler nak bagi Technical allowance kpd group2 yg tak dpt lagi niee.. So dia org introduce seeding to coup the problems for operators dan kalau PL just support jer.. kalau takdok pun.. plant boleh jalan lagi beb.. dok macam group2 yg dpt technical allowance lo ni.. takdok dia org.. (NAMA COMPANY)dok leh jalan tuuu…

Kalau ikut kan hati memang demoralized habih doh nie bila dengor statement macam tu.. kita kan kerja as a team..kalau takboh bagi banyok..bagi lah guane… tapi teringat pasal gaji yg dibayar tu utk makan minum kita…so kena maintain keje macam biase supaya rezki berkat

Ramai macam mane PL berhenti pun dok ape..(NAMA COMPANY)will not affected…

Selagi ada kerja dan Gaji masuk cukup bulan kira alhamdullilah doh…tapi kalau org lain boleh Tech allowance..kite pun nok jugok..Oklah..setakat nie le dulu..uhuk..uhuk.."

What should I say??...

1. Sabar ajela. Masing-2 ada perspective mereka, kita tak tahu apa yang mereka fikirkan.

2. Bagi saya HR sepatutnya lebih sensitif terhadap perkara2 semacam ni... x sepatutnya ckp pekerja mereka ni tak/kurang penting berbanding yang lain. lebih2 lagi masa formal communication session.

3. Setuju ngan pendapat sahabat tersebut
..."tapi teringat pasal gaji yg dibayar tu utk makan minum kita…so kena maintain keje macam biase supaya rezki berkat…".
Memang sepatutnya gitulah walaupun susah bila dah demoralised nih.

4. My friend which is in HR once told me that (NAMA COMPANY) can't compete with middle east's company in terms of salary and allowances, so they will not focused on that - they will look at other aspect to obtain employee's loyalty. But with statement by HR manager during the communication session, it seems that they are not moving towards that direction... yet.

5. Kalaupun ada yang niat nak berhenti tu, cuma nasihat saya (sebagaimana nasihat guru saya kepada saya jugak)...
" be carefull of what u wish for "
U wish for money you will get money, but you might lost something else...

6. Salah satu cara nak menaikkan balik motivasi nih ialah dengan "look at the bright side"... (NAMA COMPANY) is quite a good company actually in terms of benefits and workload. If not because of something else I pursue in life, I will not be leaving this company. Although it is hard to beleive, but try to trust your HR people, they are (NAMA COMPANY)'s employee as well, they will not do something that can destroy the company they are working with.

PL - Executive in this company - engineers are in PL family
to the author of the email - hope you don't mind I quoted your email in my entry.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dragon Ball The Movie

Yup! that's right. Dragon Ball the movie: Evolution, an adaption movie based on the fomous Dragon Ball comics and anime series will be premiering in US this coming April 8th. It's a long waited movie and 20th Century Fox finally made it happens.

As an adaptation movie, you can't expect that the story will be similar like in the comics and anime series. Surprisingly enough, according to the site, Goku is a high scholl student! - what a bummer.

The story will be based on the earlier series of the Dragon Ball comic where Goku live with Gohan (the granpa, not the son eh), meet Master Roshi (Datuk Kame), meet Bulma, and their quest to find Dragon ball to fight Piccolo.

Some characters' personality also changed to suite the story line of the adaptation movie. Kurilin (kurin) - Goku best pall in the comic and anime will not be in the movie (maybe due to difficulties to find 3 foots tall, bald actor that can Martial arts well).

Who else in the movie? - Chi Chi, Grandpa Gohan, Yamcha, Bulma, Roshi, Piccolo, Mai (which in this adaptation will be very tallented, sexy and an assistant to piccolo whereas in the comic she is nothing), sifu Norris (who the heck is sifu Norris??)

personally, when I was told about the airing of this Dragon Ball movie, I was very excited, but when I read through the site looking for the info about the movie, I'm now worry either the movie can fullfill high ecpectation from billions of Dragon Ball's fans around the world or not. Let us wait and see (or watch the movie or download the movie...hehehe)

p/s: wonder Goku will have his tail or not??

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beli Decoder Utk Tgk RTM??

Petikan Akhbar

"KEPONG: Orang ramai perlu memasang dekoder dengan anggaran harga RM300 apabila sistem penyiaran digital menggantikan analog diguna pakai sepenuhnya oleh Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM).

Menteri Penerangan, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek, ia mungkin mahal pada peringkat permulaan kerana orang ramai perlu membeli dekoder bagi menonton televisyen tidak berbayar RTM dan tentunya membebankan golongan kurang berkemampuan.

“Namun peralihan kepada sistem digital adalah perlu, selaras dengan perkembangan dan kecanggihan teknologi penyiaran dunia masa kini,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, proses pendigitalan penyiaran televisyen perlu dimulakan sekarang kerana jika tidak, Malaysia akan ketinggalan berbanding negara lain, apatah lagi negara Asean akan menghentikan siaran analog pada 2015....."

My comments:
1. Rm300 utk dpt tgk siaran RTM? rancangan apa yang worth?
2. Astro-less people usually orang2 kampung/ tua yang x tinggal bersama ank/ cucu yang berpendapatan/ berpengetahuan. Tahukah mereka pasal decoder? digital? Analog?. Kang nanti habis2 dia cakap "apahal pulak arial tv aku ni... nak kena beli baru ker?". So, kepada anak2/cucu2 yang mana org2 tua mereka xder astro, tlg la beli decoder tu dan install siap2 pastu ajar camana nak guna supaya daptla mereka tengok berita TV1 ataupun siaran langsung tilawah al-quran nanti.
3. How about TV3? xkan nak kena switch dr decoder ke arial bila nak switch between RTM to TV3? satu lagi nak kena ajar betul2 nih.
4. The best way is to install Astro... semua ada tapi byk la plak kena bayar bulan2. worht it or not?
5. jadi semua input port kat belakang tv dah penuh a nanti - decoder, arial, DVD player, Game console, home teater. hehehe... tak penuh kot sebab biasa yg ada pun arial ngan dvd/vcd player jer...
6. It is a neccessary move as he said it... no comment on that...
7. Sapa yang akan untung besar nanti?? - jeng jeng jeng
8. Tapi kalau pikirkan balik, bagus gak kalau x install decoder nih... kurang skit dengar fitnah... ooppss!
9. Once again, berbaloi ke beli digital decoder untuk dapatkan siaran RTM???

p/s: teringat dulu2... masa best tengok RTM bila hujung tahun... 'Final Countdown' - sebab tunjuk banyak criter2 best Mat Saleh...

Jalan- Jalan Cari Makan

After 2 hours wondering around (x ngaku sesat) Al-Khobar town, we finally found the famous Malaysian Kitchen. Looking at the menu, my eyes and stomach agreed on 1 menu - 'Nasi Lemak Special' and 'Teh Tarik'...(yang lain pun mula la nak tiru gak)

Takleh nak komen byk on the taste sebab masa tu hidung br start nak selsema, so deria rasa takleh nak rely sangat.

A few friends from Jubail were there as well (including Shahril and Family, but still x berkesempatan nak kenal yang mana satu Neeza - yela sbb diaorg kat Family section). Also berkesempatan berkenalan dengan a few Malaysian friend from Khobar and Dammam.

Overall, quite a good trip.

Pintu Masuk. Xleh nak ambik gambar penuh dari luar sbb cermin dia telus, takut nanti orang kata nak ambik gambar anak dara dia plak

Haji Saba happy jer jumper kedai motor and ex-bikers. Kalau dah mat rempit tu...

Nasi Lemak SAR15. Semua orang order benda sama jer

Teh Tarik SAR5

Trip detail:
Car : Nissan Tiida (Malaysia - Nissan Latio)
Driver: Me
In the car: Hj Saba, Mahathir, Azri
From Jubail: 1630 hours
At Khobar: arround magrib. At MK around 2000 hrs
Experience to Khobar: Me (0), Hj Saba (0), Azri (0), Mahathir (1) - None been to MK before
Back to Jubail: 0000 hours
Will be back??: Absolutely yes

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Macro by ASUS P525

Camera: ASUS P525 Embended Camera
Pixel : 2M (only)
Location : Fanateer, Jubail, KSA
Subject : lanscape plantation
Time : 1200 hrs
Weather : Clear

Monday, March 2, 2009

Promoted to Reliability Engineer

Saudi Kayan, Feb 15, 2009 - Hadlynoor Bin Muhamad, rakyat Malaysia pertama dinaikkan pangkat menjadi Reliability Engineer di Saudi Kayan. Pengumuman mengenai kenaikan pangkat ini telah dibuat secara rasmi oleh Presiden Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Company menerusi laman web rasmi syarikat tersebut.
Dengan kenaikan pangkat ini, Hadlynoor yang dulunya dilantik sebagai RCA Engineer, menyaksikan kenaikan gaji sekurang- kurangnya 17%. Anak muda ini hanya berada bersama syarikat Saudi Kayan selama tidak sampai 3 bulan, tetapi memandangkan prestasi cemerlang yang ditunjukkan, pihak pengurusan Saudi Kayan tidak teragak-agak untuk melantik beliau sebagai Reliability Engineer.

Hehehe... alangkah bestnyer kalau betul- betul jadi kenyataan kan? sebenarnya gimik je tu... orang kata tak salah nak berangan kan? The reason why my ID showed 'Reliability Engineer'instead of RCA Engineer just because they can't spell RCA Engineer in Arabic, so I ask them to put Reliability instead of RCA. Wat apa nak peningkan kepala kan? Yang lagi bestnyer kalau terjemah yang dalam Iqamah jadi Electronic Engineer plak. - hahaha