Sunday, February 15, 2009

Helmet v.s. Serban

There is an article pubslish in Harakah complaining about court decision agains a 'pondok' student. This student was sued for not wearing a helmet while riding his motorcycle. The reason being is that the attorney can't give a prove that this kid is a 'lebai' according to the law. This 'lebai' definition is too vague and is open for critism. As a result, this kid was fined and put in jailed for few days.

The question raised - why do sikhs are allowed not to wear helmet whereas muslims who try to practice Rasullulah's way were fined? According to the author, it seems not right that for a so called muslim country have this double standard towards muslims.

After reading this article, make me thinks, why do we want to jeopardise our safety for the sake of following Rasullullah's way of dressing. Which is more important, making sure the safety of oneself or following sunnah? Isn't it protecting oneself is Wajib and following sunnah is Sunnah? What would Rasullullah s.a.w's view on this.

My opinion (which is not important to many of people) is that not wearing helmet while riding a motorcycle in Malaysia is just like looking for 'maut'. Statistics and research shows that wearing a helmet may help in protecting our head. But, you can always say that, if we are ikhlas in following the way of Rasullullah, Allah may help in protecting us - InsyaAllah. But still, why do we want to take that risk? And I beleive the trip is not that long... only for a few minutes not following sunnah.

Maybe the confinement of this student is the way Allah want to protect him from any accident. Who knows??


Neeza Shahril said...

kalau tak silap la.. cara berpakaian bukan sunnah.. ianya mengikut keadaan semasa..
macam zaman dulu pakai serban okaylah sebab dulu takde motor.. jalan pun atas pasir. kalau kepala jatuh kebawah (ada ke jatuh keatas?? hahaha!!!), tak la teruk sangat tahap kecederaannya..
sekarang ni ish ish..

yang sunnah ialah apa yang Rasul buat.. macam makan guna tangan kanan.. pergi solat jemaah di masjid.. rasanya la.. akak pun tak arif sangat :)

Andak Ali said...

ntah la.. saya pun bukan tahu sangat.. just to voice out opinion.